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School of Stomatology, Fujian Medical University has a complete education system of all academic degrees, including the full-time education (5-year undergraduate, Masters’ and Doctoral education). The School of Stomatology has undertaken teaching, science research and dental disease prevention.

Outstanding faculty and facilities draw students from across the country include Taiwan, HongKong and Macao. We also received students from Asia and African countries. About 300 undergraduates have been trained in each year. Significant gains have been made in graduate enrollment since the year 1999. In 2001, twelve applicants were enrolled in the postgraduate program. Nowadays, there are about 30% of graduates enrolledas postgraduatesin each year.

The number of students who aim for a BDS degree also increased from 22 to 48 every year. Our School of Stomatology employs the integration model of teaching, clinical care, and research.

Thousands of excellent medical graduates have been brought up from here. It cannot deny that those professionals who emerge from the School of Stomatology, FujianMedicalUniversity, for decades now, have been recognized as the elite in this field.